Build a BETTER team culture.

Become a better leader who inspires and guides others to reach their full potential. Spark productivity, happiness, collaboration, and team cohesion and positivity.



Deep Culture Change

Sound Familiar?

  • Is your team unmotivated and checked out?
  • Do you feel unseen and unheard in your organization?
  • Do you feel like your communication falls flat?
  • Are you overwhelmed by your schedule and time commitments?
  • Do you struggle to collaborate?

Become an inspirational leader who sparks innovation, encourages collaboration, and increases productivity.


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One-on-one focused and intensive coaching to sharpen, challenge, and grow your career.  Particular attention can be made on executive presence, leadership blind spots and influential communication.

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Improve skills with group workshops for up to 15 participants. Topics include:

a) Achieving Better Results Through Leadership;
b) Feedback that Works;
c) Boundary Spanning Leadership;
d) Step Up to Conflict;
e) Talent Conversations. 

Company-specific workshops can be developed to fit the particular needs/concerns of your organization.

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    DISC 360°
    & Workshops

Take off your blinders and become fully aware of how your actions (and associated motives) are perceived by co-workers, colleagues, and direct reports. Complete a DISC 360° assessment with observer feedback to get the complete picture with the help of anonymously submitted honest and candid feedback. Corresponding Workshops available on:

a) Self Awareness & Communication
b) Transitioning from Peer to Leader
c) Trust-Based Leadership
d) MakingTeams Work

e) Sales Optimization.

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    with Coaching

Discounted assessments available with the purchase of a Coaching Package and include a personalized report of results. Assessments offered include DISC 360°, Motivators, EIQ-2 and Sales IQ. Other assessments available upon request.

Leadership Is HARD, But It Doesn't Have To Be

Are you lonely at the top? People look up to you and need your direction. They need clarity, empathy, patience, and support. This role doesn't come naturally to many leaders, making you feel uncertain and insecure – often leading to a lack of productivity.

Together we can accelerate your leadership and identify achievable goals in your personal and professional life to experience:

  1. Better Results
  2. Happy People
  3. Career Growth
  4. Influence
  5. Communication
  6. Time Management

Coaching Packages

Package A:

Solve a specific problem quickly to build team morale, manage up or down more effectively, help support a struggling direct report or other issues. Six 60-minute sessions, to be completed within 3 months. Coach is available via email, text and phone as needed between sessions. 

Package B:

Gain a deeper understanding of your executive skills and areas of improvement. Find your power through clear communication, improve empathy with your team, or learn how to take ownership of your role in a changing organization. Twelve 60-minute sessions, to be completed within 3 months. Coach is available via email, text and phone as needed between sessions.

Package C:

Get ongoing support from a strategic thought partner to assess, develop and support you with organizational development in a re-org, restructuring with confidence, taking a team in a new direction, and much more. Unlimited sessions - recommend 1:1 meetings no more than 2x per week. All assessments and subsequent reports are included and Coach is available via email, text and phone as needed between sessions.

How It Works

1. Talk With Me

Let's partner on identifying your challenges and create a plan of action for successful change.

2. Develop a Coaching Plan

Together, we will identify mindset adjustments, communication improvements, and concrete steps to reach your goals.

3. Become a Better Leader

Support your discovery of profound insights that will give you long-lasting and impactful results.

Nancy has been a teacher, mentor and inspiration to me over the years. I was in awe at what seemed to be her innate ability to put together a strategic presentation. Even more… is her honest, compassionate, and strong leadership. She taught me that being human and being successful are not mutually exclusive.

- Lauren C.

Nancy is tenacious and not afraid to question the status quo, all while building strong relationships within teams. Nancy connects on a professional and personal level - this is reflected in her incredible network of contacts throughout the industry. Her ability to think outside the box and motivate while maintaining a positive and energized attitude make her an outstanding leader. 

- Melissa G.

Nancy is an amazing team leader, seasoned professional and true business partner. Anyone who has worked with Nancy will tell you she is an amazing leader who truly cares about her people and mentors and advocates for them every chance she gets.  

- Sarah A.

Nancy made everyone on the team better performers by some magical recipe of encouragement, feedback and trust. She helped our team harness their complementary skills driving everyone to individual and team successes - both personally and professionally.  

- Lauren C.

In industries often filled with drama, competitive elbow-throwing, and empire-enhancing posturing - Nancy is the refreshing grown-up who knows what she’s doing and stays focused on getting the work done. Her depth of experience is what many companies desperately need (whether they realize it or not). Nancy’s part of the A-team. 

- John K.

Nancy has an amazing ability to relate to all sorts of people and build the strong relationships necessary to achieve results within an organization. She is the rare person who can manage up and down equally well. Nancy can also deliver any sort of news or feedback in a calm manner, which doesn't put anyone on the defensive and encourages you to do better/the right thing. She is very good at focusing on the priorities and not "sweating the small stuff". 

- Ilissa H.