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articulate who you are in a job search

How To Articulate Who You Are When Finding a Job

You’ve taken career and personality assessments to help you with your career search. But what do you do with all of this information? You need to be able to synthesize what you’ve learned about yourself and use it to articulate who you are.  Sure, assessment results will give you an array of phrases you can…

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Research Careers with these 7 Resources

7 Resources to Research Careers

When researching careers, the information can be overwhelming. If you google a career field, you’ll quickly find yourself buried under a mountain of links. Should you ask your parents? See if friends and family have ideas? Take an assessment? The research options – and the results – can be overwhelming. So, where can you get solid…

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get to know yourself

Know Yourself to Choose a Career

Finding the right career is an investment in yourself and your future. That means carving a path that gives you financial security and a rewarding career that you find meaningful.  After all, do you really want to spend 40+ years of your life doing something you don’t even like?  While it’s tempting to start your…

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choosing a career path

How To Plan a Career Path When You’re Undecided

Whether you are just beginning your college experience or closer to graduating, here are a few helpful places you can go to choose your career path. Use Your College Career Center Learn what services your college offers and how to access those resources. In addition to finding out how to schedule an appointment in the…

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