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How Parents and Career Consultants Help Young Adults Succeed

Embarking on a career journey is a significant chapter in a young adult’s life, and it’s one that shouldn’t be walked alone. Both parents and career consultants have pivotal roles to play, each bringing unique strengths to the table. Here’s how these roles intertwine and complement each other in steering young adults toward fulfilling careers.…

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How Informational Interviews Can Shape Your Career Path

Are you a young adult on the cusp of making life-changing career decisions? Or perhaps you’ve already started your journey but find yourself in need of direction and clarity.  No matter where you are on your career trajectory, informational interviews can be an invaluable resource for you. These interviews allow you to tap into the…

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Craft Your Elevator Pitch to Open Doors

Not sure what an Elevator Speech / Pitch / Intro is? Whatever you call it, trust me, you need one – even if you always take the stairs! Whether you’re introducing yourself to someone, making conversation, or pitching yourself for a job, read on to find out why you need one, how to write one,…

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Making the Most of Career Fairs

In elementary school, we visited the fire station, and our parents brought us to work. In high school, it was “Career Day” with guest speakers. Now in college, exploring careers happens at busy “Career Fairs” where you can meet potential employers in-person or virtually. Many colleges host fairs early in the fall semester, and some…

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Ace Your Next Job Interview: The Preparation You Need to Shine

You’ve submitted an application – and congratulations, now you’ve got an appointment for a job interview! Are you ready? Whether it’s your first job interview or you’re an old hand at this, preparing is a process with specific steps. Study the Company and the Job Hiring managers want to know that you care about the…

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5 Ways to be Confident When Networking

Being confident when networking is an essential part of learning about new jobs, and it’s a great skill to cultivate as a young professional. But it can be intimidating. How can you be confident in what you’re saying when you network with other people?  Confidence doesn’t always come easily, especially if you’re new to networking. …

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Why Networking Is Necessary — Plus 5 Introvert-Friendly Steps To Start Networking

Networking is a big buzzword and an important concept, but it’s still challenging for many people, specifically introverts! On one hand, networking is all about making strategic connections with other people. On the other hand — in the Real World — networking includes connecting with everyone you cross paths with. It encompasses anyone who shares…

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How to Make Your Network Work for Career Exploration

You put in a lot of effort to build your personal and professional network. While networking is a good exercise for building confidence and relationships, you probably want to get results from networking.  So, how can you learn about different careers through networking?  Follow these four steps to approach networking in a structured, strategic way…

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A Guide to Understanding Career Assessments

Do you frequently take quizzes like “What animal are you?” on Buzzfeed? Or maybe you’re a diehard Enneagram or Myers-Briggs fan?  These assessments — also called tests, instruments, inventories, or questionnaires — can be a helpful tool for job seekers. But no assessment will have the perfect answer to “what you should be when you…

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3 Essential Steps to Getting A Job

Getting a job is a simple set of steps. How hard can this be? Create a resume and cover letter, search for jobs, apply for jobs, interview for jobs. Voilá! Accept a job offer!  Oops. Not quite so simple. Take a step back.  The steps sound simple, but if you’ve begun taking the steps, you…

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